Meet Finley & Gray

Shipping goods around the world is no longer sustainable and the future lies in locally produced products.

This is why we decided to create Finley & Gray.  

In order to protect the environment for future generations we all need to make changes to our lives.  Our grandchildren, in our case Finley & Gray, should be able to grow up in a cleaner, safer world.

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Buy Local, Buy British

Brother and sister

Finley & Gray stock a range of luxury products which are ALL manufactured in the UK.

We not only stock our own branded products, but also products manufactured by other quality UK brands.

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Remain fashionable whilst reducing your carbon footprint

If we all make small changes, the benefits to the environment will be huge.  We can all help out by buying more locally produced products, whether it be food, clothing or fashion accessories. This negates the need for global shipping and in turn reduces pollution.  

All our products are manufactured in the UK, which not only reduces pollution, but also helps to support our local economies and employment. 

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Now more than ever it is important to buy as locally as we can.  With this in mind Finley & Gray only stock accessories which have been manufactured here in the UK.

Family run business

Finley and Gray now stock fashion accessories from all corners of the British Isles and we are proud to do so. We sell quality, often handmade accessories at affordable prices. 

Live The


Whilst helping the environment

There is a premium price to pay for British goods, but the superb quality and the reduction in pollution is a price worth paying in our opinion.   We try our utmost to limit the prices wherever possible, in order to encourage our customers to BUY BRITISH !

Four people outdors in hats, coats and scarves.

Supporting British Manufacturing

Our British Suppliers


The mill who manufacture most of our knitted products have been producing the finest quality knitwear since 1845. All of their knitwear is “Made in Scotland”, and all completely manufactured in house, using natural yarns to produce renewable and sustainable products.

All our 'Scottish made' knitwear is made by a Woolmark licensee, Sedex member and a close collaborator of the Ethical Trade Initiative, who are also members of UKFT and Textiles Scotland.


Leicestershire has a rich and enduring history in the realm of hosiery, dating back centuries and contributing significantly to the region's industrial heritage. The county became a prominent centre for hosiery production during the Industrial Revolution, with Leicester emerging as a hub for textile innovation.

Our sock manufacturers were established in 1895 in a small Leicestershire village. The sock dynasty is now being looked after by the 4th generation of the family. With 120 years of knowledge and experience they value both tradition and innovating. Whilst still using some of the original machinery they have also embraced modern technology in order to create modern styles and designs.

Always UK MADE

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