British Made Health Socks

Glucose meter with sugar level and freshly blended coctail from fruits and vegetables

Health Socks Our range of health socks are specifically designed to protect and prevent common foot problems and swollen legs. These socks are manufactured with a non-elasticated welt top which helps to alleviate health problems such as DVT, varicose veins and issues associated with type two diabetes. Diabetes FeaturesDiabetic socks are designed with a number… Continue reading British Made Health Socks

British Made Alpaca Socks

Alpaca Socks Due to its many beneficial qualities, alpaca wool is considered to be a luxury material. It is highly desired by consumers, due to it’s hypoallergenic benefits. Alpaca wool is also an excellent material for managing heat,  controlling temperature so you can be cool for the summer and warm in the winter. Similar to… Continue reading British Made Alpaca Socks

British Made Walking Socks

Comfort Our quality walking socks are all made right here in the UK from either British wool or luxury alpaca wool. We stock a varied range of top quality walking socks including our cushioned soles and heels for extra comfort. We also sell our ‘all over’ cushioned short walking socks in a range of natural… Continue reading British Made Walking Socks

British Made Bobble Hats

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Buy British Woollen bobble hats are all the rage right now and as you would expect, Finley and Gray stock a lovely selection. Our quality bobble hats are all made in Britain from wool or naturally soft lambswool. We offer bobble hats featuring either a faux fur or woollen bobble in a range of fashionable… Continue reading British Made Bobble Hats

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